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Our vision at NatHealth is to create a seamless flow of healthcare benefits to everyone touched by our business. We see our e-claim management system becoming the benchmark in the medical insurance industry, whereby it will be used by every doctor, pharmacist, lab technician and hospital administrator who believes in technology serving the human well-being.

To expand and be recognized regionally and internationally as the premier health insurance e-claim management service provider utilizing smart card technology.

NatHealth acts as the focal point where medical claims received from health care providers are audited and adjudicated utilizing our e-claim system features, including the smart card technology. This facilitates prompt payment to the rendering service provider. We strive to provide quality service to the end user while ensuring the lowest possible claim cost to insurance companies and self-insured corporate funds.  At NatHealth, we take pride in serving our clients with integrity; neutrality and dedication.

Provide service for our clients throughout the region, that will achieve the lowest possible claim cost and guarantee a high level of medical service to the end-user in accordance with the client's contractual policies.

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