NewsNatHealth being a founding member of Int@j

NatHealth being a founding member of Int@j


(Amman - October 10, 2010) As a part of the MENA ICT Forum 2010 successfully materializing activities, The Information Technology Association of Jordan (int@j) and NASSCOM of India have signed a MoU aimed at promoting joint collaboration and cooperation between both institutions. The MoU entails both int@j and NASSCOM shall act as the primary channel for the co-operation between ICT industries of both Jordan and India through focusing on specific sub-sectors of the ICT industry including software, and ICT Enabled services.
Nathealth being a founding member of Int@j has participated in a roundtable lunch hosted at the Grand Hyatt hotel in honor of the delegation during which the CEO of Nathealth Mr. Ahmad Tijani has met with the members of the delegation and discussed potential opportunities of cooperation. Nathealth is very keen to learn from the Indian experience specially in the health related matters.