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“Mobile Applications”

NatHealth Master App:

The NatHealth Master App, which was launched in the last quarter of 2020, offers subscribers a variety of benefits to enhance their experience with us.

Some of the added benefits of using this application include:

  • Easy access to medical files:
    As a NatHealth subscriber, you can log into the application with your registered phone number to view all medical data and history for yourself and your family, including medical visits and medical approval status. 
  • Full access to medical networks:
    When you are logged onto the NatHealth Master App you will be able to view your company’s medical network. You will also be able to search for your desired Healthcare Provider via options like searching by name or by geographic proximity through the “Nearby Healthcare Provider” option. 
  • Tutorial videos:
    The NatHealth Master App will offer users a section for tutorial videos that provide detailed information about the services offered at NatHealth and how to fully use and benefit from the application itself. 

Nathealth VA: Natalie Chatbot App

The Natalie Chatbot App is the first of its kind, exclusive virtual smart voice assistance app servicing the insurance sector in Jordan and the Middle East that is available to all NatHealth subscribers. 

Subscribers can meet Natalie and inquire about anything related to NatHealth, the services offered or the medical network either by using the microphone to talk to Natalie, typing inquiries using the available keyboard or through manually browsing the application. 

The application allows its users to easily browse the medical network and search for any Healthcare Provider in Jordan. It also provides details about the full address of the Healthcare Provider with an option to call them directly or to view their location on the map. In addition, the application offers the option to search for all Healthcare Provider according to geographic proximity to the subscriber’s current location. 

Natalie also has a section dedicated to providing details about the E-Health Gate system and all other electronic services offered by NatHealth.