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“Health Insurance Basics”

Why one needs it and how to get it?

Health insurance: Why one needs it and how to get it? Although a few decades ago our grandparents did not have the need nor the option of using a health insurance policy, today, we consider it a necessity. Health insurance protects us against high or unexpected healthcare expenses, especially in a world characterized by globalization and rapidly changing and interconnected economies. In broad terms, health insurance pays for our medical expenses and may cover disability or long-term nursing needs. Some countries provide their citizens with a health insurance program, while in other countries it is made available through private insurance companies. In Jordan, the system of health insurance is a mix of both: a health insurance policy can be bought by an individual for him/herself and his/her family, or it can be bought on a group basis. For example, a company will opt freely or will be obliged by law to cover its employees, and it will choose the insurance coverage package that best suits its needs. Recent studies show that employers are opting to pay health insurance premiums as they come to the realization that they can not compete for employees just by offering higher wages. In a world of growing uncertainties, you can attract quality employees by also offering them (and their families) health insurance benefits.