E-Health Gate System The future of health insurance

“Frequently Asked Questions”

  • What is the E-Health Gate?
    E-Health Gate is a system that offers NatHealth subscribers with hassle-free medical solutions as medical forms are no longer needed. The system requires the subscriber to present their smart medical insurance card to any doctor or any participating healthcare provider in order to proceed with the needed medical procedure through the dedicated tablets in a smooth and rapid way.

  • How does the E-Health gate work?
    The E-Health Gate system uses the NFC technology, which uses a sensor that is built into a tablet and serves as the interface between the tablet and the card. With one swipe of the smart card onto the NFC sensor on the tablet all the patient’s data and information will be provided accordingly. Doctors can enter the required prescriptions and tests to be done and can get the needed medical approval directly through the system without the need to make a call or wait for long periods of time.

  • What are the main benefits of using the E-Health Gate system?
    The main benefits of the E-Health Gate system include:
    • Providing a paperless solution as no medical forms are required
    • Guaranteeing a high level of confidentiality that maintains the privacy and secured information of each patient
    • Offers fast approval processing times due to the elimination of phone calls as all approval requests are done via the tablet and responses are generated automatically
    • The system requires an internet connection; however, it continues to operate if the connection is lost
    • Every patient’s history and data is stored on the system, therefore doctors will have a clearer idea of each case and will be able to check all medical files and claims

  • Who are the doctors and physicians currently using the E-Health Gate service?
    All doctors and physicians within the NatHealth medical network, however, each patient can benefit from the network coverage provided by their company.

  • Do I need to take my medical form with me when I visit a doctor now?
    No, the E- Gate Health is a paperless system.

  • How do you ensure my privacy via the E-Health Gate system?
    The smart medical insurance card is developed with high-quality protection and encoding systems to ensure client confidentiality. In addition, each doctor using the tablet to access his or her client’s previous medical procedures can only access this information by swiping the smart medical card and providing their unique biometrics.

  • What is the NFC Technology that is used for the E-Health system?
    It is a Near-field communication technology that safely connects between a customized tablet that is developed with special specifications and the smart medical insurance card with high-quality protection and encoding systems, both of which are required to operate the E-Health Gate system.

  • How long does it take to get the approval through the E-Health system?
    Medical approvals are automatically generated within a few minutes from the data being entered via the tablet, this eliminating the waiting time on phone calls with the insurance company.

  • What happens if I lose my medical card? can someone access my information?
    No this will not be the case. The patient’s information, including a personal photo will be displayed in front of the treating physician once the smart card is used and the doctor enters his biometrics.