E-Health Gate System The future of health insurance

“What is the E-Health Gate?”

As part of National Health Insurance Administration Co. (NatHealth)’s continuous initiatives to enhance the healthcare sector in Jordan, and in order to facilitate patient experiences, the E-Health Gate system was successfully launched on 2019 with the objective of elevating the level of medical service and enhancing the efficiency of health management in Jordan. Through this system healthcare providers can enter the required medical procedures and access the patient’s visits simply by placing the patient’s smart medical insurance card on the E-Health Gate tablets.

NatHealth uses a near-field communication “NFC” technology that connects between the tablet that is developed with special specifications needed to operate the E-Health Gate system and the smart medical insurance card developed with high-quality protection and encoding systems.

The E-Health Gate system offers you hassle-free medical solutions as medical forms are no longer needed; all you have to do now is present your smart medical insurance card to your doctor or any participating healthcare provider and they will proceed with the needed medical procedure through the dedicated tablets in a smooth and rapid way.

As a beneficiary of NatHealth you can now benefit from the E-Health Gate system within the medical network coverage provided by the company of your choice.

E-Health Gate, all the power we need to make your life simple!