Services Offering companies that subscribe with us the latest in health care and information technology services.

“ Why NatHealth”

We at NatHealth have taken advantage of the revolutionary advances made in information technology to make healthcare cheaper, quicker and more flexible. Using the most efficient computer technology and software systems, our employees’ focus and priority is how best to serve you. Our clients know that when they need us, we are there for them, to serve them as best as we can.

NatHealth personnel are regularly updating their skills through various courses and programs. We believe that “taking care” of ourselves--improving and updating our knowledge basis--will help us take better care of our clients. Our qualified staff includes physicians, pharmacists and lab technicians who are there for you, to answer any medical questions you may have 24 hours a day.

Our pool of health care providers is one we are proud of. We have approximately 5500 members spread out throughout the kingdom. Our list of physicians includes specializations in all medical fields.