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“Community Involvement”

We ,at NatHealth, believe that what goes around comes around.

NatHealth strives to be a leader in corporate citizenship, setting the standards/benchmark by which other companies can compete. Improving the quality of life in the communities in which we live is self-serving as well as it being altruistic. We at NatHealth believe that “what goes around comes around.” The good you do to others comes back to touch you in one way or another. Taking care of our employees and their families’ health has a positive impact on their performance of their duties towards NatHealth. Taking care of our clients, giving them the best, most competent health care service promised to them has the same “boomerang effect” as it spells out a loyal and growing clientele pool for NatHealth. Taking care of our precious environment is an investment in the future of our children. Taking care of our children is an investment in the future of the world as we know it today and as we envision it tomorrow.

For these reasons, NatHealth has embarked wholeheartedly, partaking in a mission aimed at bringing a smile on the lips and in the hearts of children with facial deformities. We have committed ourselves to a donation to Operation Smile International, a medical humanitarian mission operating out of its Jordan office to help children in need of reconstructive surgery, speech therapy and follow up support.

  • NatHealth is also taking part in the Business Leaders Campaign, a national strategy to enlighten and educate Jordanian schoolchildren on the challenges and opportunities they will encounter.  Members of NatHealth’s top management are donating their time to reach out to Jordanian youth, talking to them about their own work and life experiences, in the hope that such an exercise will inspire and motivate youth to pursue their dreams, regardless of the obstacles they may face.
  • Raising public health awareness is another duty we take seriously at NatHealth. The Arab proverb “prevention is better than a thousand remedies” is embedded in our corporate and community culture, and to that effect, we look for ways to educate the public, using the expertise of the medical community. Nurses first aid  outreach program...
  • NatHealth is one of a growing number of environmentally-friendly companies in Jordan that work towards institutionalizing good habits inside and outside the office. Smoking is prohibited inside the offices and highly discouraged outside the offices! Our paper and ink are recycled, our light fixtures are in the process of being replaced by energy saving ones, and we arrange for employee car-pooling whenever possible. These are small steps….but we believe the aggregate--if and when applied across the board—can lead to some improvements and to a slow down--if not prevention--in the deterioration of the environment.
  • Again, we revert to an Arab age-old wisdom, “the healthy mind is in the healthy body.” This explains our enthusiasm at NatHealth in supporting Little League school and club sports teams. We provide needed cash to the teams as well as our humble (sometimes outdated, but nevertheless appreciated) coaching skills! 
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