About NatHealth Aiming to create a seamless flow of healthcare benefits for all our subscribers.

“Vision, Mission & Core Values”

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Our vision at NatHealth is to create a seamless flow of healthcare benefits to everyone touched by our business. We see our e-claim management system and e-health gate solution becoming the benchmark in the medical insurance industry, whereby it will be used by every doctor, pharmacist, lab technician and hospital administrator who believes in technology serving the human well-being.
Thus; we aim to expand and be recognized regionally and internationally as the premier health insurance e-claim management service provider utilizing the NFC smart card technology.


NatHealth acts as the focal point where medical claims received from health care providers are audited and adjudicated utilizing our e-claim system features, including the NFC smart card technology. This facilitates prompt payment to the rendering service provider. We strive to provide quality service to the end user while ensuring the lowest possible claim cost to insurance companies and self-insured corporate funds.  At NatHealth, we take pride in serving our clients with integrity; neutrality and dedication.

Provide service for our clients throughout the region, that will achieve the lowest possible claim cost and guarantee a high level of medical service to the end-user in accordance with the client's contractual policies.

Core Values

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” We at NatHealth apply this proverb to our daily code of conduct. We believe that every value guiding and defining our work ethic is a link in the chain that is called “the NatHealth code of conduct.” Each value feeds on and from its “fellow-values,” and no one value can flourish if any of the other values in the chain are “weak” or lacking. In other words, we cannot promise our customers integrity, if we lack respect for the environment; and we cannot claim to have quality, if we do not hold ourselves accountable for what we do or don’t deliver. Our “value chain” is our sacred code of conduct and we work diligently at keeping all the “value links” strong and healthy.

The “Value Links”
  • Quality: We do not settle for “second best.” Mediocrity is our enemy, and what we do, we do with passion and pride.
  • Integrity: We deliver what we promise and we do not believe that “the ends justify the means”.
  • Accountability: We hold ourselves responsible for our words and actions and we are ready to rectify any mistakes or shortcomings.
  • Respect: We treat others as we want others to treat us. We apply this rule both within our company and with our clients. Credibility is built over time and it is a reputation we are proud of.
  • Creativity: We look ahead to pre-empt possible problems and to capitalize on cutting-edge technology, wherever it may exist and can be applied to our work. Life is full of surprises and the real test of success is when you use your skills to solve problems innovatively.
  • Professionalism: We train and retrain and update ourselves. Regardless of what or whom we are working with, we maintain our high standards of discipline and competence.
  • Transparency: We read like an open book, and that is part of our culture of honesty.

At NatHealth, we adhere to the same age -old code of ethics that most companies and decent law-abiding citizens world-wide believe in and practice. It is generally easier to be “correct” when you are responsible for your actions alone- and not those of a whole team. It can be more challenging to “do the right thing” or to deliver, when you are working within a group. This is why we are “steadfast” in adhering to, respecting and implementing the NatHealth value chain in our daily work—both on an individual and group level.