E-Health Gate System The future of health insurance

“How does the E-Health Gate work?”

NatHealth covers the widest medical network in the kingdom of Jordan and offers the first of its kind E-Health Gate system throughout the full network. With the Smart Medical Insurance Cards, patients no longer need to use the paper forms, all data and information is stored on the smart card and can be accessed by any doctor or healthcare provider via the dedicated tablet.

With one swipe of the smart card onto the NFC sensor on the tablet all the patient’s data and information will be provided accordingly. Doctors can enter the required prescriptions and tests to be done and can get the needed medical approval directly through the system without the need to make a call or wait for long periods of time.

The E-Health Gate system saves the historical data of each NatHealth subscriber with the doctor treating them. This includes medical procedures and medications in addition to any requested lab or radiology tests for the patient in previous visits; this allows the doctor to use this information to refresh his or her memory on what was previously requested for the patient.