Services Offering companies that subscribe with us the latest in health care and information technology services.

“ IT Services”

We at NatHealth have taken advantage of the revolutionary advances made in information technology to make healthcare cheaper, quicker and more flexible. Using the most efficient computer technology and software systems, our employees’ focus and priority is how best to serve you. Our clients know that when they need us, we are there for them, to serve them as best as we can.

IT Services

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
As part of NatHealth’s strategy to maintain its leadership status in the health care industry we are constantly working hard to develop and enhance the services offered through implementing the most recent AI technologies available.

2. Privacy and Security
We care about the privacy of all our partners, that is why we strive to always ensure that the information received by subscribers is managed with the highest privacy and security standards possible.

3. Big Data
NatHealth has been operating for over 20 years with a market share of 28% in Jordan and over 260,000 subscribers covering most business sectors; in addition to more than 60,000 subscribers in Palestine.
Being the biggest health insurance administration company, NatHealth manages big amounts of healthcare provider data that has been collected and processed throughout the years.